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   Late night, last night. One of the girls in our party had a really nice set and was wearing a tight, low cut top, nicely displaying her assets and it helped to make the evening a little more enjoyable.   Women don’t really have to do a lot to make men appreciate them, its the […]

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On The Apocalypse

I just want everyone to know that they can breathe easy. There definitely is not going to be an apocalypse in 2012.  I looked it up and all it is is religious scholars over the years recording their interpretations of archaic writings. As we all know, religious scholars are just people who are telling us […]

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Get In and Get Out

A while back I saw a documentary about hookers.  Some of them were relatively new to the profession, but some others had been in it for quite a while and were now starting to regret the path they had chosen. They felt as if they had wasted their lives and were afraid of what the future held for them. […]

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One For The Ladies

You know how women are always saying that they can’t win. That they’re second class citizens and how they lament the fact that guys are always judging them by the size of their breasts. Well, I was thinking, what if  you could tell a man’s age by looking at his penis (don’t ask me for […]

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Divorce Court

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