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Ridiculous? Nah!

Is this getting ridiculous or what? I’m sitting here streaming this movie called Frozen from Netflix, it’s after 12:30am, I have stuff to do tomorrow, but I refuse to go to sleep until I post. My mind has been on overdrive for almost two weeks and now, nothing, I mean, at all. Then thankfully, fate throws me […]

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On Irony

The “Head” likes TV, but understands that many people don’t. I know one such person. He reads all of the time and disdains even any mention of television shows, but he has no trouble telling you about the latest book he is reading, whether it be a trendy novel, biography or whatever. What I find ironic about this […]

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On TV Court Showst

  I love when these tv show judges get on their moral high horses because,  honestly,  just the fact that they have a tv show is a constant reminder that public servants will never stop looking for ways to make an extra buck off of their public service.   Also, I think that you condone behavior through […]

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