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Collecting My Thoughts on Mice and Men

I really am talking about mice. I found mice droppings in my basement, so I bought some of those pellets that cause the mice to hemorrage internally and die a horrible death. I know, they’re so cute. Except when they are leaving shit in your basement. Well, six or eight deaths later they seem to […]

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Ridiculous? Nah!

Is this getting ridiculous or what? I’m sitting here streaming this movie called Frozen from Netflix, it’s after 12:30am, I have stuff to do tomorrow, but I refuse to go to sleep until I post. My mind has been on overdrive for almost two weeks and now, nothing, I mean, at all. Then thankfully, fate throws me […]

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Movie Violence

  Cartoon violence – hilarious. Graphic violence- disturbing.  “Who Dunnits”- Heinous act packaged under a cartoonish moniker, equals mass appeal, suitable for all age groups.   My mother was a big fan of this genre. She loved a good “murder mystery.”   I remember wondering about her when I was a kid, and she would […]

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Pulp Fiction and Pop Tarts

  How ingenious are pop-tarts?  Who would have thought that you could take a paper thin layer of a super sugary filling and put it inside of pastry that tastes exactly like cardboard, to create an, almost, American staple.   Gee,  I can’t wait until they come out with a corragated version. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<   “It’s American ingenuity […]

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Reviews the movie “Inception”

                                      Finally, a movie with a life changing message. For years I’ve lived my life exactly like this movie, whereas I would go to sleep and hope that when I woke up all of my problems would be solved. Or at least biggest ones. Now, thanks to Chris Nolan, I know why this has never worked. As it was […]

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