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This story I e-mailed out last summer and got mixed reactions to. Nothing really sparked it’s writing, it’s just kind of, guy humor. A couple of people liked it, one showed it to some of his friends, two others said “good story,” two more had no comment and the last guy said that he couldn’t believe […]

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When The Monkeys Fish

Whether by ocean, air, space, or thought, it is the purpose of the journey that is important, not the means by which we arrive.    I had come all at once, in thought as well as in distance. No one part of me longed for what I had left behind, nor feared where I had come to be. I surveyed the land off of my […]

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When the Monkeys Fish? (I dunno)

Tomorrow I am going to post a story called..ta, da, da..”When the Monkeys Fish.” Why the big buildup? Well, I dunno, just trying to help it along I guess. This is something that I’ve had around for a while, tried to use parts of it in other places but couldn’t find a good home, so […]

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The Mighty Domtar Vs The Playboy Pirates

    Come in your jammies?” Domtar mockled at the Playboy Pirates.   “Not jammies!” they prohisted. “Set yourselves on fire.” they croated in unison, then rushed the mercodiole.    Domtar leaped over the cripple rail and snatched the crown before they could even chundle up the first set of plines.   “Borath upon thou!” Domtar shouted […]

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Come Again????

Relationships. Relationships can be very difficult things to manage, especially when one person is keeping a secret. Take the situation of Mark and April. They have been dating for over a year, but Mark has a secret, a secret that April is just about to find out about. How will she take it? I don’t […]

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