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Touch Scream Phone (Part Two)

Marki leaned back in the seat of her car. She tapped her fingers on the steering wheel while trying  to decide if she should really go through with her plan to try to break into the house. “Am I crazy?” she thought. “Why is it no one else can see these images? What the hell am […]

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Touch Scream Phone (Part One)

Starring: Leon “Crunch”  Bar as the phone store guy Jajova Witless as Nixy Luz Screws as and Lyric Licra as the extremely beautiful, young and soon to be very dead, Marki.   O.K., I’m only joking about her dying, I mean why would I give away the end? Whatever happens, though, I’m sure that it will […]

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A Letter Between Friends

A letter you say? Not a text, not an e-mail? No absolutely not. Why, because there are still people who prefer the personal touch of a letter. They like the feel of the pen in their hand and the surface of the paper, the smell of the ink. They like the hands-on method of doing […]

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Domtar Meets the Bone Sandwich

Each swing of his battle hammer brought the smaller man closer to death, for the strong young warrior’s arm was beginning to tire while his savage, hulking adversary seemed possessed of limitless strength. The two combatants squared off beyond the iron bars of a makeshift arena carved into the rock of a mountainside. Originally built as […]

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The Chicken Scratcher

  At age 84 Roger Pulpit had accomplished enough of his life’s goals to feel fairly satisfied with himself and he harbored few regrets.   Anymore, the only thing that mattered to him was the love he shared with his wife, Connie, and today was a special day, it was her 78th birthday.   It […]

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