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It Doesn’t Help

 I went to the post office the other day to sign for a package. So the clerk tells me that she is going to need two signatures, and I say OK. So she directs me to the electronic screen and she says “Print your name here and then sign it here,” so I do and then […]

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Well It Is Doctor’s Orders

 I got these pills from my doctor and the bottle says to take them with food, so I do, but they would be a lot easier to swallow if I could take them with water.

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I Just Think The Timing is Kind of Suspicious

 The Christmas season is upon us and with it comes one of the first feel good stories. There are a lot of negative police stories in the news right now, but the other day I read about a police officer who gave a motorist one hundred dollars after pulling him over for not having a current window sticker. The […]

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