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Why I Think TV Game Shows are Rigged

Written By: Sy - Oct• 21•14

I watched “The Price is Right” today and I saw a black female contestant  miss out on winning a car because she guessed the numbers in price in the wrong order and, get this,  she just accepted her loss.

This can’t be real, I told myself, because personally I do not know any black women who would give up that easily.  The one’s I know, would be like “Hold on there Drew, you didn’t explain this game right. You didn’t say I had to guess them in order, you just said I had to guess them, and I guessed them, so give me my damn car, uh, uh, I ain’t leaving here ’til I get my car. You better give me a copy of this tape to show my lawyer, cause’ I suing all of you…

OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but I’m just saying, I thought the whole thing was a little suspicious.,


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