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My Review of “The Purge”

Haven’t seen the movie yet, but according to the trailer, in the movie, all emergency services will cease and all crime will be legal for twelve hours. I don’t think that sounds like much of a movie, I mean isn’t that usually about how long it takes the police to respond anyway? If you’re lucky.

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It’s Time Has Come

I’m thinking about starting an on-line coupon service like Groupon, that deals exclusively with porn, and I’ll call it “Goop-On.”

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I’m Sure Eventually They’ll Kiss and Make Up

Does the hypocrisy never end when it comes to the catholic church? I mean first they swear in a new Pope (you know, swearing is obscene. Actually a friend of mine said that to me and I didn’t get it until he explained it, Oh well.) What I’m referring to, however, is a news headline I […]

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