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I Think I Know the Answer, but I Could Be Wrong

The results of a poll comparing same-sex weddings to straight weddings was just published. Some of the categories covered were, what percentage of same-sex partners vs straight partners asked the family for the hand of the other, what percentage went on honeymoons or had casual ceremonies etc. I scanned down the list of questions, but for some […]

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Don’t Worry About Paula Deen

I’m sure Paula Deen will be just fine. She’ll probably end up doing a spread for Playboy and be back on her feet in no time.

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Paula Deen’s Last Dish

For Paula Deen’s last dish on The Food Network, it looks like she’s cooking her own goose.

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TakeTwo Lines and Get One Phone Call in the Morning

If you break the law while under the influence of a controlled substance, is that a premedicated crime?

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Mixed Feelings on Father’s Day

I always have mixed feelings on Father’s Day since I grew up in a single parent household, as I’ve mentioned before, with only a mother, which means I only had the adavantage of a woman’s point of view on everything, and I’d hardly call that an advantage. On the plus side, however, I did learn […]

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