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Do U Feel Me

My girlfriend told me that I give great messages even though I have small hands. I told her that it’s all in the way you work the ointment. It’s not hand size that’s important. It’s the motion of the lotion.  

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On Gay Marriage

I saw in the news that France became the 14th nation to legalize gay marriage and I must say that I am in favor of this decision. I’m just not sure how we should document the ones who don’t get married.  

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Good Fat vs Bad Fat

A fat wallet is good fat. A fat ass is bad fat.

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Game Show Contestant or News Story?

 His Facebook page identifies him as a Cleveland resident and graduate of the city’s Lincoln-West High School. His interests include Virginia Beach, the Chinese crested dog breed and Cuban-born salsa singer Rey Ruiz. Now lets meet our next contestant, Ariel Castro, recently arrested for the kidnapping, rape and beating of three girls who were held captive […]

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