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To Be Fair the Odds Are Probably Only Around Fifty/Fifty

Is it just me or does anyone else automatically think that a cop is crooked when you see one driving a luxury car?

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Yeah, They Come In All Colors

I overheard a couple of the sistas at work talking. One was telling the other about a brother she’d met somewhere who asked her to go out with him. Her co-worker said to her that first she needed to find out the important things about him, like what kind of job do he have and […]

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Women and Details

Women always want details.  For example, today I casually tell my wife that I saw one of those black guys who looks white because he has no skin pigmentation and she says, “Al Bino?” And I say, “Hell I don’t know, I didn’t stop him to ask his name.”

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Other Than That, The Color is Nice

If the color orange is the color of an orange, and if plum is the color of a plum etc…, then I’m guessing that the color baby blue must be the color of crib death.`

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Battle “Fish”/Ray Kroc vs Morimotto

One of the celebrity commentators on Iron Chef Countdown was amazed that Chef Morrimoto had made a sardine pizza. He went on about it, saying how surprized the judges must have been to even see pizza in the first place, and also because everybody knows that you don’t mix fish and cheese. Really? This, obviously,  is a person who […]

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