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But, She said the Doors Were Really Wide

Today I met a girl who told me she lives in a two flat. I told her that that didn’t make any sense.  I mean how can you live in a building that’s too flat? Sorry, they can’t all be winners. What am I saying, you’ll use this one.

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It’s a Fact

The prison style of wearing your pants down low is actually the prison version of the crotchless panty.

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And It Was Right in My Face

I saw a posting on facebook that said that the main difference between men and women is that the word “facial” means something different to each of them. Well,  the next day I stopped for gas and saw that the premium gas was called “V” power and I thought how funny it was that of […]

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Gas on the Right/Brake on the Left, that’s all

Today I saw a woman driving a new Limited Edition Dodge Dart, and I thought why would anyone buy a Limited edition? Wouldn’t you want an edition that does everything, but then I remembered, oh yeah it was a woman driving.

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Minaj On ???

The way Nicki Minaj went on about a female contestant on American Idol last night, commenting that the girls legs gave her everything she needed and how she loved the way the contestant walked in heels made you feel that she might be up for a little Minaj a trois. (I’d be very surprized if I was the […]

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