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Sure, I’m Up for a Movie

My wife asked if I  wanted to watch a movie called  “Wake Wood”, and I thought “Wake…Wood?!!!”  Sounded like a porno to me, and she’s not usually in the mood for that, so I said sure, I’ll take a shower and be right there. The movie, however, turned out to be a horror flick. I […]

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If Only I Could Draw

If I could draw, I would draw a picture of a Medieval knight pointing a remote control at his girl’s chastisty belt and the caption would read, “I love this keyless entry.”

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I’m Addicted to Beer Nuts

Lately I’ve been eating a lot of Beer Nuts. In fact, right now, I’m in the middle of a 12 ounce can that I bought this afternoon, but this is really kind of a crazy addiction. You see, the thing about Beer Nuts is that they are barely even sweet and are barely even salty and that’s the […]

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I Can’t Dethied

Can bad knees run in a family?

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