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Written By: Sy - Dec• 10•12

Christmas sounds, Christmas Sights

Warmth in our hearts that
they ignite

Bring the smiles out to play

That we share throughout the

While currents of love caress
our souls

And stimulate our
Christogenous Zones


Just give in, it will be OK

Let the season have its way

Let it touch you, don’t

You can start with just a

Then relax and let it roam

And tickle your Christogenous


If commitment’s not your

That’s ok, it’s just a fling

Just a lark, just a jaunt

No need to meet the mom or


Again, these things I’m
speaking of

Are the feelings of joy and

Sneak some other ones
in there too

No one has to know but you

So if you’ve wondered

then now you know

Why Christmas lights and
sounds and snow

Might bring about a
pleasurable moan

Blame it on your Christogenous Zones

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