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Credit Where Credit is Due

My wife went out shopping on black Friday and somehow her credit card was stolen. In the end it worked out ok, though, because the thief charged a lot less than she probably would have.

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Comfortable Yet?

With the Thanksgiving  and Christmas holidays coming up, people will be eating a lot of, what we refer to as, comfort foods and the reason we call them comfort foods is that if you eat too much of them, you will end up looking like a pillow.

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Of Course It Makes Sense

In the Justin Bieber song, As Long as You Love Me, the rapper raps to the girl “I don’t know if this makes sense, but you’re my hallelujah.” Of course it makes sense, it means that  she was his first piece, “Hallelujah! I finally got laid”       1

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Why Are Obvious Gays Called Flamers?

That’s easy, it’s because we all know that they’re going to Hell. Come on people, laugh already. It’s just a joke

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