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Hey, It Could Be a Hit

In the sports news yesterday, some baseball insiders let it slip that the Chicago White Sox have been in secret negotiations that fans are now saying could lead to a lot of grand slams next year. That’s right Denny’s is looking to open a franchise at the Cell.

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I’m Gonna Have to Say “Yes”

So, if a tree falls in the forest and noone is around to hear it, does it make a sound? I’m going to have to say yes to that one, because otherwise it’s kind like saying that deaf people can’t hear themselves think. Hmmm…,  can they?    

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It Couldn’t be More Obvious

In another effort to raise their revenues, I understand that the US Postal Service is going to issue a new line of stamps. The first three will feature the images of Pamela Anderson, John Travolta and Monica Lewinsky. Yes, they are putting out a line of Tramp Stamps.

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Where’s the Love?

Retired porn stars miss the cumaraderie.

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Paper or Plastic?

The other day I went into a park district field house to use the bathroom. Upon entering the front door I had to weave my way through a crowd of elderly citizens who were having some sort of function. There were easily fifty people present who were eating fried chicken and potatoes and desserts etc…, […]

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