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My Hunger Games Review

Written By: Sy - Aug• 18•12

So, when I don’t really have a lot to talk about, I tend to fall back on doing movie reviews. This time it’s The Hunger Games.

All I really have to say about this movie is that the Lady GaGa and Alice in Wonderland influences were way too apparent in the costumes. So it fell quite a bit short of the creative inspiration mark in that respect.

But, beyond that, I do recommend this movie to anyone under the age of  16 who’s up for some Nickelodeon style after school fare, or to anyone who just likes to see teens murder each other, but you could probably get your fill of that just hearing the news about gangland killings  in any major city, and at least the government wouldn’t be behind any of those like they were in this movie.

Well, at least we don’t have any proof that they are.



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