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Just Wondering

I was just wondering how the censors keep letting that WB frog get away with singing about his ragtime gal. And I don’t about you, but when it’s rag time around my house the last thing I feel like doing is singing.

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Yes, I am recommending another movie. I am recommending a 2011 movie called “Creature” for, what I believe to be, a very good reason. This is the only movie that I can think of where the one token black guy in an all white cast, is the hero and he’s not Will Smith.

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My Hunger Games Review

So, when I don’t really have a lot to talk about, I tend to fall back on doing movie reviews. This time it’s The Hunger Games. All I really have to say about this movie is that the Lady GaGa and Alice in Wonderland influences were way too apparent in the costumes. So it fell quite a bit […]

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Stock Up Now

Makers of beauty products, Johnson and Johnson and Nuetrogena have announced that they will remove formaldehyde and 1,4 dioxanefrom their adult toiletries. In other words. No more preservatives.

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I Choked to Death

I’m pretty sure I choked to death a while back. I was really hungry and I bought a humungous slice of pizza and started chowing down on it while sitting in my car. Next thing I know I had a big glob of cheese stuck in my throat. I tried the heimlich manuever, but it didn’t […]

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