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It is but It isn’t?

I bought some sausage sticks the other day, but I’m not sure what they are. The package says that they are pepperoni “flavored” sausage sticks, but if they are pepperoni “flavored” then doesn’t that just make them pepperoni? I mean isn’t it the flavor that distinguishes one sausage from another? How can they be pepperoni […]

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Just Give it a Good Rub First

The most blatantly sexually suggestive cut of beef is a bone-in strip steak. The gayest cut is either a bone-in chuck roast  or a rump roast, but I’m even not going into those two.

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Things That Mystify Me

Here is one of the things that mystifies me. At my house I always arrange the shelves in the refrigerator. Now, I always make one shelf the right height to stand tall items, like 2 liter bottles of pop or wine and liquor bottles. What mystifies me is this, noone uses the tall shelves for that purpose. Without […]

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