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Now That’s Rich

You don’t have to be rich to be successful/ You only have to be rich to know that you’re successful.

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The Male Dogs Just Call Her a Good Time

What do you call a dog who has had a tubal ligation? Illiterate!  

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No Bones About It

With summer coming in, the subject of ribs was brought up.  A guy I know starts going into his method for grilling succulent baby backs, then my sister-in-law chimes in with her method. I tell them that when I make my ribs I usually don’t use the grill. I just cook them in the oven. “But, then you […]

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and the sequel would be called Urban…?

An amusing piece of trivia I once heard was that some people stayed away from the John Travolta movie, “Urban Cowboy” because they thought that the word “urban” meant gay. Did I say amusing? I meant to say prophetic.        

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John Carter of Mars Movie Review (Well, the way I do a review)

Previous movie reviews of mine that have been received favorably include Tron II, of which I said that if you are planning on going to see this movie make sure  that you bring something to read, and also my review of The Expendables. I thought the review was kind of long, but was then told by […]

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