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Actually, It’s What Drives You

If  it’s true that the kind of car you drive says a lot about you, then never marry a girl who drives a Charger.

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Am I the only one who finds it amusing that a company named Johnsonville makes sausages?

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It Hurts You More, Anyway

Tonight the subject of spanking your children came up between some friends of mine, and even though I wasn’t asked directly for my opinion, I gave it anyway. I said I was completely against spanking. I refuse to put that much effort into raising a child.

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Um, Yeah. That’s Why

They say that when people lose an appendage that they can often feel like they still have it, as though it’s still there. I guess that explains why my wife keeps asking me if I’m still “in” even after I’ve pulled out.

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Justice Smustice

I saw a news story today about a man who was convicted and sentenced, by a judge, for a crime he couldn’t have committed because official police records showed that he was already under arrest and in jail for disorderly conduct at the time that this other crime was committed. On one hand this sounds like a […]

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