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But is it the Whole Truth?

A group of scientists has said that human emissions of carbon dioxide may delay the next ice age by up to 1000 years. I bet those people at thetruth.com are going to feel pretty silly when they hear about this.

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How Much Do They Net?

Are people in the fishing industry paid scale?

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Ask Any Seaman

Did you know that oral sex with a fish is called “filet-io?”

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Celebrating Great Americans

Ketchup is the greatest living American condiment.

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But On The Positive Side

I have a friend who has always struggled to lose weight. Finally, thanks to a crash diet, she has lost almost forty pounds. Yep, about five months ago she lost control of her car, crashed it into a light pole and has been in a coma ever since. I went to the hospital the other day […]

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