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I Didn’t Know That

Three party sex  between any combination of  men and women  is commonly referred to as a ” menage a trois” but did you know that group sex involving any number of women only is commonly referred to as a” massage a twat?”

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Less is More

I used to have a tree in my yard that looked terrible. The branches were always drooping, the leaves had a dull green color and the bark kept breaking off. Eventually I got sick of looking at this tree and called  a landscape service to see if they could do anything to perk it up. An Italian guy […]

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More On Life’s Obstacles

Personally, I think I’ve overcome a lot of obstacles to have gotten as far as I have in life. For instance, besides the fact that I’m just a head on a table I was also raised in a single parent household with a mother, but no father, which pretty much means that I only had the advantage of hearing […]

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Some Guys Have All of the Luck

I met a 29 yr old woman at the bar the other night who couldn’t stop talking about her ex- boyfriend. She told me how he abused her physically, how he threw her out of his car, into the snow once, with no shoes on, but she still stayed with him. I just kept thinking about how lucky […]

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