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Deal Me In

Written By: Sy - Feb• 19•12

Someone I know has a birthday coming up so I decided to buy this person a gift card to a store that they frequent. Now, in case you didn’t know, there are some stores whose gift cards do not retain their face value beyond a certain point, usually one year from date of purchase, and after that the value declines month by month.

This store happens to be one of those stores, well that is until just recently. You see, as the sales girl explained it to me, the person I was buying the card for would not have to worry about not using the card within one year, because their card would now hold it’s full face value for two years from date of purchase, but only if I bought an FFV (Full Face Value) Extension for an addtional 10 percent of the cost of the card, exluding tax and activation fee of course. This extra fee would handle the expense of them keeping the card active in their system and, in her opinion, it was a great value.

Who was I to argue with a professional, so I took the extension. I know a good deal when I see one.

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