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Playing Doctor

If you doctor your medical records does that make them legitimate?

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Deal Me In

Someone I know has a birthday coming up so I decided to buy this person a gift card to a store that they frequent. Now, in case you didn’t know, there are some stores whose gift cards do not retain their face value beyond a certain point, usually one year from date of purchase, and […]

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The Truth About St Patrick

The real reason that St Patrick was declared a saint is because he was the first Irishman in history who did not have a drinking problem. It’s true.

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Say What?

Lately I’ve been noticing my grey hairs more and more, so I tell my wife that I’m going to get some of that Grecian Formula. She looks at me, somewhat seriously,  and asks, “Why? Do you have a girlfriend?” I say, “No. Of course not. It’s because I’m trying to get a girlfriend.”

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