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Sister, Sista

Written By: Sy - Jan• 07•12

For years there has been a steady stream of wive’s shows like Footballer’s Wives, Wives of Atlanta , New York…etc. Now there’s a new “Wive’s” show called Sister Wives. To me this sounds like it might have some hot, black bitches in it so I check it out and find that I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Instead there’s this young, bearded, porn star looking, white guy with some big, corn-fed, white women.

Instantly I know I’ve been duped or maybe not. Maybe I just misinterpreted the title. Maybe the women really were sisters and not sistas, as I had thought. I turned it off so fast that I never actually found out. All I know is that they looked like they could have been.

Thinking back, however, they looked like they could have been his sisters also. Now I’m thinking that those women really were his sisters and he married them and now they’re also his wives and that that’s the show’s premise.

Know what? Maybe I will check it out again.

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