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God Bless Who?

Today I went to the store (a Walgreens) and a man who was standing outside the door asked me if I had any spare change. I said no and he said “God bless you.” After leaving the store, though, I started to feel bad about my response to the guy, because the truth was that […]

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Should Children Believe in Santa?

I know people who, and have heard of other people who, will not let their children believe in Santa Clause for different reasons, e.g.. they don’t want to lie to their children and have their children not trust them later on in life. Myself, I do not have a problem with children believing in Santa […]

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Yeah, But How Much Do You “Like” Me?

Recently I received a like on one of my posts from http://chicquero.com/2011/12/06/beautiful-is-eternal/. Now these people have a pretty awesome site, miles above anything I could ever hope to do, and as much as I appreciated them hitting the like button, I wondered what button they would have hit if they had more of a choice. Maybe we should […]

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A guy I work with, who is about 30, made a remark, one day, that he is tired of “them” always to trying to shove that classic rock down his throat. This is, of course, a ridiculous remark, because music is just a consumer good and the owners of the rights are going to keep repackaging […]

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Open Sesame

What someone really needs to invent is an opener for easy-open packages.

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