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Junk Monkeys

I used to know a couple who never threw away anything and I hated going over to their house because there was stuff piled everywhere. You had to move things just find a place to sit down, and this was in the living areas, the basement was even worse, and even though I never saw any critters […]

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Got A Minute?

Just wanted to say I appreciate everybody who comes by to share in my humor and I know that lately I have not posted much, but you can always click on the Kwipster link on the right. I make appearances there as often as they post stories, usually Mon through Fri. but I do intend […]

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I’m Available

It’s true, genuine headonthetable products are available at http://cafepress.com/HeadsShop You can now add some titillation to the Christmas season with a poster or T-shirt of the fun Christmas poem Christogenous Zones or warn people at your New Years party about those nasty STDs, with a poster of STDs on New Years Eve. Also available are cute and colorful holiday […]

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