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Yeah, But It’s Because…

One day I was giving a casual acquaintance of mine a ride somewhere, and he starts telling me about the difficult time he was having getting his wife to agree on something that he wanted to do. He tells me that she doesn’t understand because she’s a woman and “well you know.” “Oh, yeah.” I say “I know, women […]

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Pass It On? Pass On It!

I got an e-mail the other day regarding a hand sign that someone is trying to make popular and was asked to pass it on. The e-mail said that this hand sign is a way to welcome returning vets. I’m not going to post the link, but I will attempt to describe the hand sign. The sign […]

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In A Gadda da da da

I know a woman named Eden, but I only know her in her role as a professional. Anyway, every time I see her I always want to greet her by saying “Hi, Eden how’s everything going in your garden? The only reason I don’t say it is because I’m afraid she’ll take it the way I mean […]

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Flu Shot Warnings

Well it’s flu season again and a lot of places are offering flu shots, but before you get one, you should know that there are horror stories associated with people getting these shots There is one story about a women getting H1N1 from a flu shot and other stories about people being paralyzed or crippled or […]

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