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In The Beginning

Written By: Sy - Oct• 26•11

I’m going to re-create one of the early Head on the Table cartoons (sans the original horrible graphics). In the beginning the head was a head on a table who just spouted off about his own situation, pretty much, while who ever happened to be around the house, friends, family…etc. would chime in with their own remarks and there wasn’t that much of point to a lot of it.

So without further ado, here is The Head on the Table Attempts to do Phone Sex.

“Well, hello there.

What am I wearing? Well all that I’m wearing is pair of long, silver,┬ádiamond studded earrings and nothing else.

What did you say, touch myself? How the hell am I supposed to touch myself, you goddamn freak, get the hell off of my phone. Damn son of a bitch.”


“Boy, what a douche.”

“What a head job.”

“What charisma.”

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