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In The Beginning

I’m going to re-create one of the early Head on the Table cartoons (sans the original horrible graphics). In the beginning the head was a head on a table who just spouted off about his own situation, pretty much, while who ever happened to be around the house, friends, family…etc. would chime in with their […]

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Bragging Rights

— On Thu, 10/6/11, Kwipster <mail@kwipster.com> wrote: From: Kwipster <mail@kwipster.com> Subject: And the winner is… Date: Thursday, October 6, 2011, 6:12 PM Not you. Unless your screen name is headonthetable. He’s the winner of last week’s $100 prize for best kwip of the week, with the following contribution: Story: Hallmark Selling Sympathy Cards for Unemployed […]

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Auto Erotica?

When I think about buying a new car there are certain cars that I put at the bottom of my list and other cars that are not even on my list for what is probably a pretty silly reason. It’s whether or not I like their emblem. For instance I’ll probably never buy a Toyota because […]

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Whatever Doesn’t Float Your Boat

When ships are in trouble they send out an emergency call called Mayday. Personally I think they  should change this, because when I think of a May day, I think of  flowers blooming, birds singing and warm weather. If anything May day should be a friendly greeting from ship to ship. “Mayday to you.” “Thank you and a […]

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One Liner Number… something (3, 4, 5 maybe?)

They say that only left handed people are in their right minds. If this is true then why aren’t all men left handed and all women right handed?

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