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Hummer Dude!

Just a question. Does it ever, unless you’re in the military and have just occupied a foreign stronghold, does it ever, can it possibly ever look cool to drive a Hummer in the city? In case you haven’t guessed, that question was rhetorical    

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On Confidence and Laughing in the Face of Adversity

It’s always nice to know that you have options when dealing with problems. So as a public service, I am going to list the ways that I have dealt with adversity in the past and hope that maybe it will help you when you are faced with a harsh reality. First try facing your problem head-on. […]

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A Flavor Savior?

One of the things that is nice about traveling is getting to experience the different flavor of other states and countries. It’s cool to go to the restaurants and local stores and find products that you can’t find at home. Even going down on a woman in another country and sometimes in another state tastes different. It’s true, it must be […]

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