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And Has a Nice Ass

I don’t understand guys who feel theatened by powerful women. I absolutely love, beautiful, strong willed, take-charge women. There is nothing that is more exciting or provactive to me than a woman who is intellectually competent and isn’t easily intimidated. As long as she knows her place, that is.

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Another One Liner

I saw this cowboy story the other day about bronco bustin’. It was called “A Tale of Whoa.”

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Wheelin’ and Dealin’

The really funny part about this ad is that I just bought one of these the week before at the $810.00 price, so when I saw that they now had it on sale for $909.00 I brought mine back without the receipt and they refunded me $99.00 dollars more than I paid for it.

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Pure Michigan.Arrrrgh

OK, enough with the  Pure Michigan.org radio commercials. If you haven’t heard them, then let me tell you that they are excruciating sappy. From the first piano note that just oozes chick-flick type sentimentality to the announcer’s doctor style bedside manner voice that is so sickeningly soothing, that I just know the next words out of […]

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Now Hold Still

I killed a fly today and it bothered me. Crazy right? Yeah, I walk into the bathroom and there’s a fly zooming around, so I close the door to keep him in there. I grab a towel and wait for him to land somewhere. He lands on the wall and then I wack him and he falls to the […]

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