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Touch Scream Phone (Last Chapter)

Marki was momentarily stunned but scrambled to her feet immediately. She threw the entire weight of her body against the closed door and pushed as hard as she could, but it wouldn’t budge. She started pounding and screaming “Let me out. What are you doing?”  After several minutes the other girl’s voice came in through on an intercom on the wall over a […]

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So Fine

Part 3 of touch scream phone in a couple of days but in the meantime I was noticing how many food products boast using only the finest ingredients (nearly every one), and while using fine ingredients is certainly important, what you do with those fine ingredients is equally (as any cook will tell you), if not more, important. […]

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Touch Scream Phone (Part Two)

Marki leaned back in the seat of her car. She tapped her fingers on the steering wheel while trying  to decide if she should really go through with her plan to try to break into the house. “Am I crazy?” she thought. “Why is it no one else can see these images? What the hell am […]

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Touch Scream Phone (Part One)

Starring: Leon “Crunch”  Bar as the phone store guy Jajova Witless as Nixy Luz Screws as and Lyric Licra as the extremely beautiful, young and soon to be very dead, Marki.   O.K., I’m only joking about her dying, I mean why would I give away the end? Whatever happens, though, I’m sure that it will […]

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Tomorrow, Part one of a Halloween story called “Touch Scream Phone”.  Last year I told jokes to get some laughs, this year hopefully we can share a scream.

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