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On Using Other People’s Brains

Written By: Sy - Sep• 28•11

All I mean by using other people’s brains is making statements like “well that’s the way we always did it where I came from” or if was good enough for my dad then it’s good enough for me or…, well you get the idea.

Now I might be overthinking this, in fact I once had a girlfriend who told me that I thought too much, and to her I said, “How would you know?” in a sarcastic tone, but maybe she was right, maybe sometimes I do, but what brings this up is that tonight I witnessed someone walk into an occupied bathroom at someone’s house. The person who was already in the bathroom, admonished the person who almost walked in on them by saying, “Don’t you knock?”

The other person said, “Don’t you lock the door?”

The person in the bathroom said, “When I grew up we never locked the bathroom door, people knocked.” and I thought, “Well that’s stupid, for one thing this isn’t where you grew up and for another thing. Time to start using your own brain.”

That’s all.



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