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Touch Scream Phone (Last Chapter)

Written By: Sy - Sep• 25•11

Marki was momentarily stunned but scrambled to her feet immediately. She threw the entire weight of her body against the closed door and pushed as hard as she could, but it wouldn’t budge. She started pounding and screaming “Let me out. What are you doing?”  After several minutes the other girl’s voice came in through on an intercom on the wall over a work bench.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, but I had to use the bathroom. It won’t do you any good to holler, that room is completely soundproofed. I don’t know what my father used when he built it, but he did a damn good job, you can’t hear a sound coming out of that room, that’s why there’s an intercom.

See, I grew up in this house. The room you’re in was my dad’s workshop and my dad was always down there tinkering on some kind of project and all of the pounding and banging bothered my mother and she kept complaining until he soundproofed the room. Boy I’ll tell you, women know how to get things done, don’t they?”

“You better let me out of here.” Marki shouted into the intercom.

“You know,” the girl answered, “I’ve got to admit that I had no idea what the hell was going on when you first came into the room. I thought my boyfriend, Dave,  “the phone store guy” was trying to set up some kinky threesome action. It wouldn’t be the first time. In fact that’s kind of how we got to where we are now,  but then…you mentioned the blond girl and after that I realized that you had my old phone, the phone I was going to discard because I wanted an iphone , but Dave wanted to sell it and make a few bucks, so I said sure go ahead.

So, even though your story did sound somewhat unbelievable, I don’t know how else you could have known about the blonde girl. She’s been dead for months, but I still fantasize about her. Somehow, you must be reading my thoughts, as crazy as that seems because I still fantasize about her a lot.

I’ve always thought that I had some psychic abilities. A lot of times I’ve just known things or dreamt things that later happened. Has that ever happened to you, because I feel like we have a connection, that’s  probably the reason you bought my phone in the first place,  you were drawn to it. It was fate. Too bad for you.

The least I can do for you, I suppose, since we seem to have this connection, is totell you about myself and what is really going on here. God, I wish I didn’t have to kill you, because it’s like we’re sisters or BFFs and we know what each other is thinking, and that’s something really special, ya know. Unfortunately, I have too much to loose if I let you live.

So, anyway, about four years ago my parents were killed in an airplane crash when they went on vacation. I was orphaned and I was devastated. Twenty years old, and an only child, left with this big house and a lot of money, none of which, made up for the loss of my parents.

My parents were pretty well off and all of the monthly house expenses still get paid automatically from their bank account which is fed from the earnings from their investments. Besides that, I also received a sizeable life insurance payout. I don’t even have to work. I’m still living off of the interest from their bank accounts and I haven’t even touched the insurance money. I mean, I like nice things, but I’m not really a big spender.

What I really like are guys and sex and after I met my current boyfriend, I found out that I liked threesomes with other girls also. I found that out after it kind of happened one night at a party, which I later found out that he had set it up to happen.

So, we would do it once in a while, not all of the time, you know, go out to clubs and try to pick up another girl to have some fun with. Well, one time we bring this girl back here and she’s a little freaky and she says that she wants to be choked. She asks Dave, that’s my boyfriend’s name, to sit behind her on the bed and to put his arm around her neck and choke her while I go down on her, and that when she starts tapping his arm, for him to stop and release her. After some coaxing by her, we do it, and everything is cool, you know, a little weird, but it was alright.

Well, in the morning I kick Dave out and tell him I will take the girl home or where ever she’s going, mostly because I don’t want him taking her and maybe asking for her phone number or something. So, after he leaves she wants to fool around with me and she wants me to choke her while she masturbates, well for some reason this thing is starting to excite me, so I do it, but I don’t stop when she starts tapping my arm to stop because I have this feeling of power and I really am getting more and more excited, and I get carried way and I end up killing her.

To put it mildly, I can’t believe what I did. What do I do now? Do I call the police and tell them it was an accident?  No, of course not. No one will believe that. So, in a panic I push her body off of the bed onto a blanket I put on the floor so I can drag her body out of the bedroom over to the basement stairs. I drag her downstairs and I wrap her up in plastic garbage bags and I bury her under the floorboards in the workshop, where you are right now.

About six months later. It happens again, but that time it was not an accident and that time I took the girl to the bedroom downstairs so I wouldn’t have to drag the body down the stairs again. I had been fantasizing about doing it for months. I know that there is something very wrong with me, but that doesn’t stop me from planning to do it again.

The next time it was the blonde girl you saw in your vision.  She was so hot that I haven’t been able to stop fantasizing about her, and I was imagining that I could bring her back to life and chain her up and just choke her to death whenever I wanted to.

That’s how I know that we must have a psychic connection, that you actually were reading my mind, because the only time she ever was chained up was only in my thoughts. The chains you saw in that bedroom, I just recently put up. I told Dave I wanted to use them during our sex, but really I want to use them for my next umm…encounter, and I was laying down there trying to imagine how it would feel to be shackled and helpless and the thought was getting me excited, and then you walked in.

I know that I have to stop doing this. Eventually I’ll get caught and I don’t want that to happen, and I don’t want Dave to find out either. On the other hand, though, I don’t feel like I can stop.”

“What do mean, you don’t want Dave to find out. I saw the two of you in the bedroom with that black man’s body laying on the floor with a knife sticking out of his chest and a rope around his neck.” Marki stammered.

“Oh, my god,” Cinde exclaimed, ” We really are psychic. I really do hate to kill you. What you described was something that never even happened. I was just thinking about that when I was talking to Dave. Dave was joking about something with me, but I wasn’t even listening to him, I was thinking about how I would love to fuck and kill a black guy. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know, just for the experience I guess, but I was also thinking that I wouldn’t be strong enough to strangle him and it would probably be a good idea to have a knife as a back up, in case I had to stab him.”

Marki’s stomach was churning. This girl was crazy. How the hell was she going to talk her into opening this door. “Look, you can’t keep me down here. My friends will come looking for me. They’ll find my car. The police will check all of the houses. Just let me go. I won’t tell anyone.”

“Of course you’ll tell. I told you I killed three people. I guess I’ll just have to disappear for a while, go on vacation. Oh, and don’t bother looking for any tools down there to help get yourself out. I got rid of them all. I didn’t have any use for them and one of the guys I dated thought my dad had an awesome collection, so I told him if he wanted them he could have them, so he did.

Well, it’s pretty hot outside right now and I’m sure it will get a lot hotter down there once I turn off the air and leave, especially since you don’t have anything to drink. I’m sure you’ll be dead by time I get back next week.

Oh yeah, I didn’t tell you but me and Dave are going away for a week. In fact if you had broken into my house just about a half an hour after you did, I wouldn’t even have been here. My bag is packed and I was going to do some shopping and then pick Dave up at the phone store. Again, too bad for you.

You know, if I had never decided I wanted an iPhone and asked Dave to sell my Galaxy, I never would have found out that I really am psychic. It’s funny how sometimes things just kind of work in your favor. I must be living right. Goodbye” With that the intercom went silent.

Marki began pushing the talk button and trying to convince the girl to let her out. She started by pleading and eventually found herself screaming and begging in desperation.

Upstairs the house was empty and the intercom was turned off.

Downstairs the air had quit blowing out of the lone vent in the workshop and it was beginning to get hot.

By Saturday morning, Marki’s friends and family were looking for her. They found her car. They called the police. Police interviewed everyone in the neighborhood, but nearly all of them worked during the day and no one had seen anything. They went to the phone store and interviewed the employees and took the security camera tapes, but the tapes showed Marki had never made it to the store.

The last place her car was seen was when it was caught on a couple of bank surveillance cameras.

Monday morning at the police station, two detectives were discussing the case. “Look at this, Stan. The time that this girl turned in front of that bank camera, coincides with the time she received the text message from her roommate. Do you think that’s what made her turn around in the first place. Maybe she decided that there was something more important that she wanted to do before hooking up with her friends instead of going to the phone store,  so instead she headed somewhere else but took the sidestreets to avoid the traffic. Maybe she met up with a secret boyfriend and they ran away together. A lot of people do that.”

“But she left her purse, behind.” Stan countered.”

“To throw everybody off, maybe?” Bill, the first detective, said.

“OK, fair enough.” Stan said, “So we need to talk with everyone at her job to see if maybe anyone knows if she might have been seeing anyone outside of her normal circle of friends.

But we also have to consider the fact that she may have fallen victim to a kidnapper/rapist. These guys are clever, they watch these neighborhoods. He probably knew most people were at work and he might even have been looking for a different person, maybe a school kid that he’s been stalking who didn’t show up and he just ran into this Marki girl instead.”

“Maybe, Bill, but why was she parked, wouldn’t he have to force her car over to abduct her? She wouldn’t take the time to pull her car neatly to the curb.  Maybe she ran into a guy that she knew and she got in the car with him for a moment just to talk and she left her purse because she wasn’t intending to go anywhere and then he did something to force her? Maybe we should be looking at her friends more closely?”

“Or.” Bill said, “Maybe she pulled over to text somebody, and then she was pulled from her car at that time.”

“Maybe, but unless someone calls in a definite lead, it looks like we’ve got a lot of legwork to do.”

“And we’d better get started,” Stan added, “before this turns into another one for the cold case files.”

Down in the basement Marki was dehydrated and barely concious. She had been pushing the button and screaming over the intercom forever, hoping someone outside would hear her.

Upstairs there was still nothing but dead air.


(Spooky theme music starts playing slowly and eerily and the movie credits begin to roll)

La, la, la,

la, la

La, la

da, da, da, da

La, la, la,

la. la

La, da, da, da

(Lyric begins)

I can’t believe the power that you give me

But, with one touch, you convince me

Can’t put you down, I won’t leave you alone

I only want to touch my fingers to my phone


Cells charge to life with one push of a button

Connects my world at the height of techno fashion

What do I see, what do I want to know

I only need to touch my fingers to my phone


Why do I feel you give my life such meaning

another heart, another set of feelings

I can hold my friends

in the palm of one hand

and sometimes I forget myself and show the world

too much of who I am

(lyric stops, music plays in background, movie resumes)


“Hello 911, what is your emergency?”

A girl’s voice comes through, cracking, parched and barely audible.

“Please, help me.”

“What is your problem, m’am?”

“I’m locked in a basement. I can’t breathe. It’s so hot.”

“We have your location and the police are on their way. Please stay on the phone with me. How did you become locked in a basement?”

“Someone locked…me…in, trying to kill me. Please… I need help, I need water.”

“The police and ambulance are coming, just hang in there. So, you’re still locked in but somehow you found a phone?”

“There’s an… intercom. I’ve been… screaming over it, but no one could hear me. I finally began beating on it… out of frustration and the cover popped open and there was… a… telephone keypad underneath. She didn’t know it was there and I never even thought about this thing being a phone, I mean, I’ve never even used a land line… I’ve never seen one of these.”

“Who didn’t know it? Who’s she? Oh, wait, miss, the police are at the door. Do you hear them?”

“No, I can’t hear anything.”

“You’re going to be alright, just stay with me.”

(song starts again)

I can’t believe the pleasure you bring to me

Don’t feel complete unless I have you with me

I’ll love you ’til the new ones come along

I only want to touch my fingers to my phone

I only want to swype my fingers across my phone

I only want to glide my fingers

my fingers, across my phone

la, la, da, da, da

da, da

da, da, da, da


(All characters are fictitious. The phones, however, are unreal and getting more unreal all of the time)









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