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Touch Scream Phone (Part Two)

Written By: Sy - Sep• 20•11

Marki leaned back in the seat of her car. She tapped her fingers on the steering wheel while trying  to decide if she should really go through with her plan to try to break into the house.

“Am I crazy?” she thought. “Why is it no one else can see these images? What the hell am I supposed to do about this? What if there is really a girl in trouble and only I can see her because we have some kind of psychic connection?  I’d look pretty stupid going to the police and trying to tell them that.

So do I ignore what I’m seeing and maybe regret it for the rest of my life, after this guy finally gets caught? After he’s killed like thirty people and I know I could have stopped him now. I mean, if it doesn’t turn out that I really am just crazy?”

Marki finally decided that she must be crazy because she was actually thinking about trying to break into that guy’s house or at least get close enough to see through the windows. If someone was being held there against their will and she could communicate with, or see the person, then she would have enough proof to call the police. She had to try.

Marki drove slowly back down the alley toward the house, hoping to catch the man leaving the same way she had seen him go in, and luckily for her, just as she reached the midway point of the alley before his, she did.

She slowed her car as she approached the end of the alley, just in time to see him get into a blue Honda Civic, parked in the first parking spot before the stop sign, and drive away.

She parked her car in the same spot, turned it off. She laid her head against the headrest while she tried to calm her nerves.

“I have to.” Marki told herself, “I have to do this.”

She exited her car, taking her cell phone with her and tucking her purse under the front driver’s seat.

She proceeded down the alley and up to the back gate, which stood right next to the garage. With her heart pounding she tried to push the thumb latch down but it wouldn’t budge, apparently it was locked, but the door pushed in anyway. He, apparently, had neglected to pull the door completely closed when he left.

Several feet beyond the garage stood an above ground swimming pool with an impressive deck extending from the rear of the house and encircling the diameter of the pool. There was about ten feet of nicely manicured lawn separating the pool from the garage.

Marki kept her eyes on the closed shades of the rear windows of the house  as she made her way across the grass and to the cover provided by the deck.

When she reached the house she found all of the basement windows were glass block and she couldn’t see anything through them, but on the side of the house a window, just above her head was open about six inches and right underneath it was a garden storage box. She stood outside of the window for a few moments, listening for any sounds from inside.

After not hearing anything Marki was convinced that no one else lived in the house She stood on the storage box and peered between the curtains. The room was empty, she raised the window enough to pull herself through and found herself standing in what, because of it’s size, she was sure had to be the master bedroom. Fortunately the room was nicely carpeted and the floor boards didn’t creak. Everything seemed to be falling into place. It was as if she was being protected and guided every step of the way, just as the phone had led her here and even warned her about the phone store guy. She was starting to believe that some supernatural force was on her side.

Just then, her phone began ring, she pulled it from her back pocket and another video appeared on the screen, but this one was different from the others. This was a video of two women having sex. One of them was the blonde she had seen on the earlier messages, the other was the dark haired woman whom Marki had seen chained up in the last message,

Just then she heard the front door open and she froze.

“Where the hell, did I leave my phone?” she heard a man’s voice say. Marki recognized the voice as that of the man from the phone store. On top of the dresser in front of her she spotted a phone.

“Oh, my god. Oh, my god.” Marki thought to herself, “Please, please don’t let him see me. Her eyes darted around the room for a place to hide. She was about to lay down next to the bed, when she heard him say from the other room. “Oh, there it is.”

Lucky for her the phone on the dresser was not the one he was looking for.

Marki breathed a sigh of relief when she heard him leave back out of the front door. She crept through the house until she found the door to the basement in the kitchen at the rear of the house.

The door was standing partially open. Nervously and slowly, with her heart pounding, she went down the stairs. The stairs went down into the middle of a  finished family room, with a couch and a TV to her right and a bar to her left.

Passed the family room, behind her, was a short hall which led to the closed door of another room. From inside of that room she could hear a TV. There was also a door to the left of the bar that  had a sliding iron bolt across the front holding it shut.

“Hello.” Marki called out in a loud whisper, “Is there anybody here?” No one answered.

Marki crept across the family room and down the short hall to the door at the end. She turned the knob on the door of that room. It opened, and there, laying on a bed watching tv was the brunette she had seen in the text messages, wearing a white tank top and jeans. Chains and shackles were hanging from the top rail of the headboard, but the woman was not chained. “Thankfully.” Marki thought.

The girl gave Marki a startled look. “Who the hell are you, did you come here with Dave?”

“You must mean that guy who owns the house. The guy who kidnapped you. No. I’m not in this with him.” Marki said, “I’m here to help you. If I told you how I got here you wouldn’t believe me, but everything is going to be alright. I’m going to call the police right now.” Marki took out her phone. “Oh, damn. I don’t have a signal down here.”

“Look, like I said you’re not going to believe this, but if it will help, I’ll tell you anyway.  Last week I bought this used phone at the store where that guy who kidnapped you works, and I started getting these video messages showing you in this predicament, showing you chained to this bed, but the messages always vanished from the phone whenever I tried to show them to anyone else and I began to realize that they weren’t text messages with videos attached, that they must be some kind of psychic messages and that’s how I found you. I know it sounds crazy, but’s true.”

“I also saw a blonde girl in the messages. I saw her with you. I’m sure he was forcing you guys to do what I saw. Is she still here? Is she still alive?”

You’re sure you’re not with him?” the girl asked, sounding scared and skeptical. “That this isn’t just more of his sick twisted games? I thought it was strange that he didn’t lock the chains before he left. This is some kind of trick, right? He’s still here, isn’t he? You must be his girlfriend. Please, please don’t kill me.” The girl said in a panicked, frightened voice”

“No. No” Marki insisted, “You have to believe me. I came here to help you. This phone brought me to you. Just let me get you out of here before he does come back. I swear I don’t have anything to do with him. I want to see him get caught as much as you do. Please believe me.” Marki said pleadingly.

The dark haired girl stared at Marki for a moment, then said “OK, I guess I have to trust you. If he is waiting upstairs to kill me at least, one way or another, I’ll still be out of here. ‘She said.” sounding resigned to that possibility. “The other girl you asked about, he was keeping her in another room. A room next to the bar with a bolt across the door.” I don’t know if she’s still alive. I haven’t seen her for a while.”

“I know the room.” Marki said. “I saw it when I came down the stairs, come on let’s hurry.”

Marki was thinking that something didn’t seem quite right as the two of them headed out of the bedroom and across the family room toward the bolted door, but she dismissed her feelings as just nervousness. She was trusting her instincts and her instincts, the same ones that had brought her here in the place, told her she was doing the right thing.

The dark haired girl unlocked the bolt and pulled open the door. “I can’t look.” She said. “Is she in there?”

Marki, nervously, stepped to look inside and when she did, she was pushed hard from behind. She landed face down on the cold concrete floor. Then, the door was shut and locked behind her.






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