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Touch Scream Phone (Part One)

Written By: Sy - Sep• 19•11


Leon “Crunch”  Bar as the phone store guy

Jajova Witless as Nixy

Luz Screws as


Lyric Licra as the extremely beautiful, young and soon to be very dead, Marki.


O.K., I’m only joking about her dying, I mean why would I give away the end? Whatever happens, though, I’m sure that it will happen for a reason,  maybe just not for a good reason.

The part about Marki being young and beautiful, however, is true. She is a mix of Sicilian and Spanish, dark-haired, ample bossomed  and slender in the waist. She stands about 5’11” in three inch heels and she stands for just about anything laying down in bed.

Ok, again I’m joking, I’m just having a little fun, and the reason for that is because life should be about, having fun and laughing,  because you never know, a moment from now  it could be all over and you might even go out screaming.

So, let’s get back to Marki. Marki and her best friend Nixy are both 20 yrs old and have a two bedroom apartment in a quiet part of town a few blocks from the L train. Nixy is another beauty. She is Italian with long wavy dark hair about 5’10”. Her real name is Nicla, but somewhere in her youth she acquired the nickname Nixy.

The two jumped at the apartment when they saw the listing because the price was right and they like the location. From this apartment they could walk to the L and get to their downtown jobs.

A month after signing a one year lease and moving in they had a house warming one Saturday night. The apartment was little small for the amount of guests they invited as it didn’t have a dining room, it only had a small living room and a kitchen besides the two bedrooms, so the 20 odd guests ended up spilling out onto the back porch and stairs, which irritated an older woman in the apartment above them who kept asking them to keep it down, but screw her, they were young and doing what they were supposed to be doing, hanging out and having a good time, there’d be plenty of time later on to be old and to keep it down, or at least, that’s what we all think.

The apartment wasn’t the only thing that was new in Marki’s life. She also had just gotten a touch screen phone. It was a Galaxy 4G that she found on Craig’s List and it only cost her fifty dollars. Which was a good deak since the carriers at that time weren’t offering discounts on phones even with a plan. It wasn’t the latest or greatest, but it was all she really needed.

She took a lot of pictures and a couple of videos that night. At one point she put her thumb on the screen to hold a picture still while she wiped off a smudge. When the picture rolled on her, she realized how silly what she did was. “OK, you’re cut off, her 26 yr old brother, Max said.

When the party was over and their friends had left  Marki plugged in her phone to charge and put it on the table next to her bed. In the morning she would go through the pictures and see which ones she wanted to post on fb.

About an hour after falling asleep she was wakened by the phone vibrating on her nightstand. “Oh god, who forgot what?” she thought, and why can’t it wait until tomorrow?”

Sleepily she looked at her phone. The puzzle screen was up and showed a text message. She dragged the puzzle piece into place and looked at the text. There was no message, only a video attachment and the phone number was her own number.”What the hell?” she thought. “Some asshole is screwin’ with me. I thought they outlawed those caller ID fakers.”

There was no message, only a video. She tapped on the video and found herself watching a young blond woman who was handcuffed and chained to a bed. The woman was crying and pleading with someone, but the audio was garbled and she couldn’t understand what the woman was saying. Then the video vanished. It freaked her out more than a little and she tried to look at the phone number again, but there was no record of a call. She told herself  that it was probably some kind of  hacker thing. “There are really some sick fucking assholes out there,” she thought, what kind of sicko thinks this kind of thing is funny?” She rolled over on her side and promptly fell back to sleep.

Around ten O’clock Sunday morning Marki was in the kitchen making coffee. Nixy, who had just woken up came out of her bedroom, she stood in kitchen doorway and stretched. “Mmm, smells good,” she said. “I’m going to take a shower, then lets make some breakfast.” She said cheerily, basking in the new freedom of having her first apartment.

“Sounds good,” said Marki, “How about if we break in the Belgian waffle maker we got at the party last night? We’ve got bananas and some walnuts we can top them with. I think we have cinnamon too, or, you know what? I could break up some of those Godiva chocolates we got last night and put those in the waffles. Then I could whip up some low fat topping with the immersion blender and skim milk and sprinkle the cinnamon on top of that”

“That does not sound good.” Nixy replied, shaking her head and pursing her lips.

“It doesn’t? Marki said, her happy expression changing to a look of disappointment.

“No! It sounds absolutely “Fabulous!” Nixy said, smiling, then headed toward the bathroom.

When the girls sat down to eat, Marki told Nixy about the weird phone message she received in the middle of the night. “I think some hacker probably just sent me a scene from some movie to mess with me.” Marki told her.

“It was probably just a dream,” Nixy told her, “After all, you did have a bit to drink last night.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Marki said, but she wasn’t convinced, and a moment later her phone started to ring. She picked it up to, once again, see her own phone number.

“Look,” this is what I was telling you .” She said to Nixy. She swiped the ok button and the loud sound of a woman screaming issued from the phone. Marki dropped the phone in horror. “Oh my god, did you hear that?”

Nixy stared at her. “Did I hear what?” she said.

“What do you mean, did you hear what? That woman screaming over my phone, that’s what?”

“Umm.” Nixy said, “Do you think it’s possible someone may have dropped something into one of your drinks last night, or maybe you’re trying to be funny, ’cause I gotta tell you, your phone didn’t even ring. You just picked it up and pretended to answer it and then dropped it on the floor.”

“I get it now.” Marki said, “You’re in on this too. Yeah, real funny, you guys got me, OK.  NOW KNOCK IT OFF. Tell Presley or Nick or Kara, or whoever the hell is making these calls to stop it, because I’m starting to get pissed. The joke is over.”

Nixy could tell that Marki was serious and visibly upset, she got up, stood behind Marki’s chair, then bent over and gave her friend a hug'”I’m not playing with you.” Nixy told her sincerely “Maybe I just didn’t hear the phone. I wouldn’t do something like to you. You’re my best friend and if someone is messing with you then they’re messing with me too, OK? “She said sternly.”

“Yeah,” Marki said, “OK.”

Unfortunately for Marki, though, it wasn’t a joke. Not by her roommate or by any of her friends. It was something very different, entirely. The connection that she was experiencing on her new phone was a connection that was riding on a carrier signal  outside of the realm of normal bandwidths. It was a psychic connection. The kind of connection that most of us acknowledge and dismiss the reality of at the same time. For Marki, unfortunately, the phone calls were a reality that she would not be able to dismiss or ignore.

Twice more during the day her phone rang to show a call coming from her own number.

The first time she was in the kitchen getting something for lunch and Nixy was at the kitchen table on her laptop. Hesistantly she answered the call to hear the sound, again of a woman screaming.  Marki looked over at Nixy who was still, intently focused on the screen on her computer and apparently hadn’t heard a thing. “I must be losing my mind” Marki thought.

The second call she ignored. Marki turned her phone off before going to sleep that night and Monday morning she saw four missed text messages. Again, she ignored them.

Marki went to lunch with her co-workers that day and at the restaurant she put her phone on the table in front of her, the way she always did. Her phone began to ring at one point displaying her own phone number. She ignored the ringing to see if anyone else would notice it,  because people will look at their own phones whenever they hear a phone ring, even when it’s not one of their own ringtones, or they’ll look around to see whose phone is ringing.

No one looked toward her and noone looked at their own phone either. Marki saw the text message envelope on the screen and opened it but this time the woman was a brunette and she too was  chained and handcuffed to a bed, red faced, mascara running, crying and pleading with someone. On the floor in front of the bed lay the body of a young, lean, naked black man. There was a length of white rope tied around his neck and a large open wound in the center of his chest from which blood had washed out over his torso.

This time the audio was coming through loud and clear “Please don’t,” the woman was pleading, “Please, please, I promise I won’t tell anyone.” while the voice of a man could be heard laughing at her, then the video vanished. Noone else at the table appeared to have heard.

OK, if this was some kind of hacker thing, it was a pretty strange one. If anyone would know what was going on, she thought maybe the guy she bought the phone from could help her.

She had seen the ad on Craig’s List and she had picked the phone up at a local independent phone dealer. She called the store, but was told that that salesman didn’t work there anymore and if she had bought a used phone from him that she would have to deal with him, they couldn’t help her.

“Can you tell me where he does work now?” Marki asked

“No I can’t give out his personal information.” the man told her,  “but I can give him your number and ask him to call you.

“But, what if he doesn’t?” Marki answered, “I really need to talk to him,”  she said with mild desperation in her voice.

“Tell you what,” the man told her, “He’s supposed to do me a favor on Friday and come in for one day. He should be here from 9am to 3pm, but, I gotta tell you, he isn’t the most reliable person,  so don’t be surprised if  he’s not here. Either way I’ll let him know that you’re having a problem with the phone.”

“Thank you.” she said.

Friday kind of worked out for Marki anyway, because the store wasn’t that far, but it wasn’t that close either, however she only worked half days on Friday during the summer so she would be able to go over in the early afternoon. None of her other friends could go wit her because they were all still working full days. Fortunately for Marki one of her new friends at work, Farah, said that she would go with her, because she didn’t have to pick up her son from daycare until 5:30pm.

Well, maybe those stupid nerd hackers will move on to someone else by then and the calls will stop, Marki hoped, but they didn’t, the calls and texts kept coming. She started to ignore the calls and began searching on-line for reports of similar incidents, but she couldn’t find any.

She went over in her mind what she was even going to ask this guy on Friday. What was she supposed to say, that she was getting non-existant phone calls and texts. Maybe she would just ask him to take the phone back and return her money, but even then what difference would that make? She didn’t want to change her number, even if she did get a different phone and it was her number that was getting the calls.

“No, she thought it has to be something with this phone. I don’t know what, but it has to be. Maybe the person he got it from was having the same problem and that’s why he got rid of it?” Besides what if these images were real and she might be able to help save someone’s life.                                                                                                           Friday came, but as luck would have it, just as the girls  were getting off of work, Farah got a call from the daycare. Her son was sick, could she come and get him?

“I’m sorry,” she told Marki, “but I won’t be able to go with you after all.”

“Oh, that’s fine, I hope you’re son’s OK.” Marki told her.

“Marki really did not want to go by herself, but she didn’t have a choice, so she calmed herself by saying it was really no big deal, she was just going to talk to a man about a phone.

The store was in a suburb that bordered the city and Marki had to drive through several miles of city streets to get there. When she got within a few blocks of the store she found traffic backed up due to a slow moving freight train. She wasn’t that familiar with the area, but was hoping to find a way around the train so she cut down an alley that was clearly marked “No Thru Traffic” and hoped she didn’t get a ticket .

Marki could see that the next street was backed up with traffic also, so she turned up the T in the alley and headed back to the last cross street she had passed and that’s when one of those strange coincidences happened.

She saw, who she was sure was the salesman from the phone store entering the other end of the alley, walking with a bag from a fast food restaurant. He took out a key and opened the lock on a six foot wooden privacy gate at the third house from the other end of the alley and went inside.

. Marki drove down the alley and slowed at the house to see if she could catch another glimpse of the man but she couldn’t see passed the gate. She continued across the street to the end of the next alley and pulled into a bank parking lot around the corner. She called the phone store to see if  the man was working. Another guy answered and said that, yeah, he was working but had just gone to lunch and would be back in a little while.

Marki had just got off the phone when a text message popped up. It was Nixy. Some of the guys were going out to a bar after work and she wanted Marki to meet up with them. “C U there.” Marki texted her back. Just then another text came through. It was her own phone number again. This time she opened the message.

Marki didn’t want to look, but something told her that she should. There was another video. It was the brunette, still chained to the bed, but she wasn’t screaming or pleading. She was eating. She was eating fast food from the same restaurant that the man from phone store had just gotten food from and this time she could see another figure in the room, standing in the doorway and pulling the door closed.

It was the man from the phone store.
















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