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Now Hold Still

Written By: Sy - Sep• 09•11

I killed a fly today and it bothered me. Crazy right? Yeah, I walk into the bathroom and there’s a fly zooming around, so I close the door to keep him in there. I grab a towel and wait for him to land somewhere. He lands on the wall and then I wack him and he falls to the floor.

So, I look at him and think about how I just ended that fly’s life and I start to feel a little weird and guess what happens next. He starts to move. He rights himself and starts walking around the floor. Obviously I hurt his wings and now he can’t even fly, so I wack him again and this time he doesn’t move. This time he is dead. Good.

I know, now you’re thinking what’s wrong with me? First I say it bothered me and then I wack him again, but that’s because the first time was cold blooded murder. The second time was a mercy killing.

That I can live with.

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