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On Confidence and Laughing in the Face of Adversity

Written By: Sy - Sep• 06•11

It’s always nice to know that you have options when dealing with problems. So as a public service, I am going to list the ways that I have dealt with adversity in the past and hope that maybe it will help you when you are faced with a harsh reality.

First try facing your problem head-on. This will help you to build confidence and character, feel good about yourself and serve as an example to others. You may be up to the challenge, you may not be, but in the end you’ll be a better person for having tried..

If that doesn’t work, then try ignoring your problem and just hope that it goes away on it’s own. It might, and you still will have won.

No luck? Then complain loudly about your problem and hope that someone else steps in and solves it for you. No shame here. Other people may possess skills that you don’t and your problem will still be solved.

Problem still there? Well as a last resort you can always try laughter.

Tell yourself, what’s the use, no matter what you do you’ll probably just fail in the end anyway so why even try? Then hold that thought until you feel powerless and depressed and begin to laugh to yourself inappropriately.

If your problem involves another person who is close by, this will usually make them leave you alone, at least for a while or maybe forever.

Either way, you still win.


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  1. psychodoodle says:

    *laughing inappropriately*

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