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A Flavor Savior?

Written By: Sy - Sep• 04•11

One of the things that is nice about traveling is getting to experience the different flavor of other states and countries. It’s cool to go to the restaurants and local stores and find products that you can’t find at home. Even going down on a woman in another country and sometimes in another state tastes different. It’s true, it must be their diet.

Lately, though, when you travel in this country you see all of the same store and restaurant chains where ever you go and it’s almost like you never left home, and even some of the restaurants and stores that once were regional are expanding nationally and now you don’t even have to leave home to find them and when you do travel, you’re almost forced to go to the tourist traps just so you know that you really are someplace else.

So in that spirit, I wanted to give props to a term that I heard on the radio where a truck driver, who noticed the same thing, said that America is now becoming Generica and I thought, gee that’s a cool term I wish I’d thought of that, but I didn’t. Oh well, guess I can’t think of everything

So maybe someone can do something about this trend, maybe a superhero called like the Flavor Savior  or something. OK that was dumb but my real fear is that eventually we will lose all of the various local flavors and, uh, I do mean all.


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