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I Broke a Rule

I broke a rule the other night. One of my own rules. A rule I have tried to live by for quite some time and I’m not happy about it, but I guess we all get caught off guard at one time or another. The rule is very simple. It goes like this. I never […]

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I’m Just Hatin’

I stopped in a convenience store a few weeks ago and a couple of ┬áminutes behind me another customer comes through the door and announces to the whole store, in a loud voice, that he hates this fucking country. I ┬áturn around and look at him. He obviously has come from a rough day of […]

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Are the Smurfs Working Blue?

I can’t figure out the Smurfs and I’m actually surprised that noone else has mentioned this. What I’m having trouble understanding is why all of the male Smurfs have a purpose that is tied to a personality trait or to a profession, but not the female Smurfs, their only job is just to be a […]

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Memories, Schemories

My wife just came into the living room to show me how she scanned all of these family pictures into her flickr account and said we should play them on the tv when the family comes over. Of course, I’m sure everyone would enjoy that, even me for about five seconds. I’ve never been a […]

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Reservoir Dudes

You know in movie Reservoir Dogs when Steve Buscemi doesn’t want to be Mr Pink, well what if the boss man called every body Dude instead of Mr. and they were Dude A, and Dude B and Dude C, and when he got to Dude D, noone would want to be Dude D either. He’d […]

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