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My Celebrity Ghost Story (part 3)

  After surviving the harrowing experiences of the first two ghostly encounters things got back to normal and we resumed our everyday lives (ok sorry about the dramatics, got carried away).   The next and final (I hope) encounter was not as dramatic as the 2nd, but again, hmm, either I saw a ghost, someone is […]

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My Celebrity Ghost Story (part two)

 Okay, so I asked my son, Joe, how he got into the apartment and he says that after he was buzzed into the empty bldg he found the upstairs door unlocked, so he was sure someone was home, but noone was.  So now, about two years later, Joe and I are watching TV in the […]

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My Celebrity Ghost Story (Part One)

Biography Channel has a show called Celecbrity Ghost Stories, and since other celebrities are telling their stories, I figured I might as well tell mine also. Now this story tales place approx eight  years ago, just before we bought our house and my son was still in high school. That is important because my story […]

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Napa Headed

I’m sure that some of you must have seen these Napa Auto parts trucks, with hats on top, driving around. Personally I think that this is one ofthe silliest corporate images I have ever seen. I’m sure that they must recruit drivers from the local clown college and whenever I see one of these trucks I […]

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A Letter Between Friends

A letter you say? Not a text, not an e-mail? No absolutely not. Why, because there are still people who prefer the personal touch of a letter. They like the feel of the pen in their hand and the surface of the paper, the smell of the ink. They like the hands-on method of doing […]

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