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I Think You’re Enjoying This Too Much

Written By: Sy - Aug• 31•11

I was watching an investigative news show and one of the stories was about a guy who ran a school for porno actors. Now this is something I never gave much thought to. I always assumed that porno actors got their training on the job. You know they walked in and the producer would say “OK you look sleazy/slutty enough. Now whip it out, spread em or whatever and go to town.” Then the director would just, well, direct them from there.

I never thought that there was a porno actor school, but I guess there is and probably more than one, I’m now thinking.

Something else that was surprizing was when the guy who ran the school said that one of the hardest parts of his job was trying to determine if someone was taking the course just to have sex, or if they were really serious about the business. I suppose I see his point. I suppose. I mean it’s gotta be hard to figure out, for instance, if a guy is too into it or not enough into it or whatever, but all things considered I still think the worst part would have to be the smell.



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