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My Celebrity Ghost Story (part 3)

Written By: Sy - Aug• 21•11

  After surviving the harrowing experiences of the first two ghostly encounters things got back to normal and we resumed our everyday lives (ok sorry about the dramatics, got carried away).

  The next and final (I hope) encounter was not as dramatic as the 2nd, but again, hmm, either I saw a ghost, someone is messing with me or I’m crazy and I know I’m not crazy.

  A few months later, still at the apartment, I am out on the back patio at about 9:30pm with our black lab Chippewa. It was a nice sized area, probably about tweny-five feet from the house to the fence. There is a bar against the bldg, a grill along the north fence and a couple of picnic benches.

  I am sitting on the bench furthest from the bldg and I am throwing a ball, for Chip to chase, toward the bldg, when I see Joe, between the open curtains on the second floor, walk out of the back door of our apartment (this is a brick bldg with an enclosed porch) and head down the stairs.

Now the curtain on the upper portion of the window is closed, so I only see him from the neck down, same with the curtain on the first floor landing, where I see him turn again and continue to the ground floor. I am not sure if he is coming out on the patio or going to the basement, but then I see his shadow pass behind the flimsy curtains on the entry door on the ground level and turn and go to the basement.

 There is a treadmill and washer and dryer down there and Joe would go down and do his laundry and work out all of the time, so I figure that that is what he is doing.

 Around 10pm, I go back inside and watch tv for about 30 minutes, then I decide to lock up for the night and I go to Joe’s room to see if he is back upstairs yet and yep, there he is at his computer.

 I tell him that I wanted to make sure he was upstairs because I’m going to lock the back door. He tells me that he never went  downstairs and that he has been at his computer since about 7pm doing homework.

 “Except for about an hour ago when you went down to the basement, right?” I say, “I saw you. I was out in the back yard with Chip and I saw you go down the back stairs.”

 “Not me” he says, ” must have been your ghost again.”

  So that’s it, nothing more to report with ghostly encounters, but if anything does happen again I’ll let you…nah, forget it, I’m sure nothing else will happen.

  These incidences do kind of help me to introduce my next story, Sally Goos, however, which kind of deals with this subject. It’s not about ghosts per se, but it is along the same lines.

 Hope to have it up in the next couple of days, so if you read it, hope you like it.




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