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My Celebrity Ghost Story (part two)

Written By: Sy - Aug• 20•11

 Okay, so I asked my son, Joe, how he got into the apartment and he says that after he was buzzed into the empty bldg he found the upstairs door unlocked, so he was sure someone was home, but noone was.

 So now, about two years later, Joe and I are watching TV in the living room and it’s around 11pm. Joe tells me he is going to bed and gets up out of his chair and heads out of the room.

 I am laying on the sofa which is along the same wall as the doorway through which Joe left the room. The tv is ahead of me on the south wall, in the middle of the room and to my right and the doorway is passed my feet, a few feet beyond the end of the sofa to the left of the tv.

 No sooner does Joe leave the room than I see him start to come back in, but he stops short of fully entering, instead he puts one foot into the room and stands with just his shoulder and arm in the living room and the rest of him is inside of the doorway and he is standing as if facing directly at me. In the hallway, the way he is facing, there is a closet with a mirror on the door and I think he is looking at himself in the mirror.

 Now, like I said, Joe is a big guy, over six feet and broad shouldered, so this isn’t a small figure I’m looking at. The one thing that actually strikes me as unusual, besides the fact that he is standing motionless, is that he is wearing a blue t-shirt when only moments before I saw him leave the room in a white t-shirt. I’m thinking how fast he must have went across the dining room , then a few steps passed the bathroom to his bedroom, changed his shirt and came back. Maybe, I think, but still, why?

 So, after this goes on for a minute or two I finally call his name, as if to ask him what the heck he is doing. With that he pivots his body to where I see his back in the doorway and he walks away. I call him again, because I think he’s purposely ignoring me and I jump off of the couch to catch him before he can make it to his bedroom.

 I get to the dining room, he’s already gone, I get to his bedroom and the door is closed, I think there is no way I would not have heard this door close. I knock on the door, and he says “what”  in an annoyed, sleepy voice. I open the door and he is in bed still wearing the white t-shirt.  I tell him, ok less than a minute ago you were standing in the living room doorway wearing a blue t-shirt, right? To which he says something like what the heck am I talking about?

 I tell him to forget it and I go back to watching tv and the doorway.

 Our bedroom wall borders the dining room and I tell my wife, who was in bed at the time what happened and she says that she  heard me go through the dining room, but that was all. The next day I tell Joe the whole story and he says, “I told you we had a ghost, it was probably the same one that buzzed me in that day I forgot my keys.”

  So that’s it, well almost, part three tomorrow/

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  1. psychodoodle says:

    Okay I read part 1 but had to avert my eyes and stop when I started reading 2 coz I got creeped out.. 😐

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