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My Celebrity Ghost Story (Part One)

Written By: Sy - Aug• 19•11

Biography Channel has a show called Celecbrity Ghost Stories, and since other celebrities are telling their stories, I figured I might as well tell mine also.

Now this story tales place approx eight  years ago, just before we bought our house and my son was still in high school. That is important because my story involves my son. Now Joe is a pretty big guy, people tell him he looks like the Rock, this will help you to get a visual of how my ghost looked, but before we get to my story let me tell you his story which happened about two years before mine.

At the time we lived in a two flat with our landlord and his family on the first floor, us on the second. One day, when Joe was in 8th grade he forgot his keys, so when he came home from school he rang the bell, hoping that his sister would be home, but they went to different schools and he was usually home before she was, but thankfully when he rang the bell he was buzzed in.

He went upstairs, I don’t remember how he got into the apartment, I’ll ask him and include it in part two, but noone was there. He went down the back stairs to see if someone was home on the first floor, but again, noone was.

When my wife and I got home he told us what happened and said maybe we’ve got a ghost. I attributed it to some kind of malfunction with the door bell and put it out of my mind.

A couple of years later I wasn’t so sure.

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