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I Broke a Rule

Written By: Sy - Aug• 15•11

I broke a rule the other night. One of my own rules. A rule I have tried to live by for quite some time and I’m not happy about it, but I guess we all get caught off guard at one time or another.

The rule is very simple. It goes like this. I never commit to anything when I’m drinking and I never hold anyone else to anything they say when they’re drinking. So anyone who knows me and is reading this, I’m just letting you know, if we were drinking and you committed to something, you have an out, or actually you were never in in the first place and the same goes for me.

So here’s what happened. We had people over on Saturday and I made a recipe that I’ve been making for a few years, which I was actually inspired to make by a niece of mine who loves cheeseburgers.

Now, one of our friends who is moving back to her home state this week told me that she is going to figure this recipe out and get rich from it, so I nod and smile, you know, like good for you, have at it.

Later on my brother-in-law tells me. “You have to e-mail me this recipe.” and I say “OK.”

Wait a minute, I said “what?” This doesn’t actually fully strike me until some time later, because I was, at the time, as Pink Floyd would say, comfortably numb.

So now the next day, my wife tells me that her brother just texted her and wants me to send him that recipe and I say damn, I really don’t want to.

She tells me not to worry about, because he’ll never make it as good as I do. So I do it, but if I go over there and he makes it. I’m not eating it.

Small of me? Maybe, but I don’t care, I’m mad.

At myself.



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  1. FLC says:

    Cool I’ll get it from him – when he’s drunk

  2. psychodoodle says:

    😀 LOL!!! (I hate typing ‘lol’ but just had to after reading the comments). And abt the recipe: get over it you big baby.

  3. Sy says:

    I don’t want to get over it, whaa or is spelled waaa?

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