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I’m Just Hatin’

Written By: Sy - Aug• 13•11

I stopped in a convenience store a few weeks ago and a couple of  minutes behind me another customer comes through the door and announces to the whole store, in a loud voice, that he hates this fucking country.

I  turn around and look at him. He obviously has come from a rough day of working some kind of construction and it’s apparent that he’s already had at least a couple of drinks.

Now, you wonder, what indignation has this man suffered? Has he lost his job? Was his car towed? Was he a victim of some horrendous crime?

“People don’t know how to drive.” he says.

That’s it? People don’t know how to drive. You hate the country because of some bad drivers?

Now, I understand that some people are just malcontents and that all they like to do is complain and that’s their whole persona, but if you’re going to make a statement like “I hate this country” you should at least come up with a more convincing reason than “people don’t know how to drive.”

Maybe something along the lines of  “I hate this country, there’s not enough yellow.”

OK, I’m trying to be funny, but if he gets desperate enough for something to complain about, who knows?


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