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Here New Blog Post, Here Boy

Written By: Sy - Aug• 05•11

Just thinking about what if I got a second dog. What name would I give to him/her? I’m thinking about people names, standard pet names …etc.

Then I think, well any words will really do. It doesn’t actually have to be a name name since the dog’s only responding to the sound of your voice.

Maybe I’ll just call it  “we need milk”  or “where are my keys” or “Bob’s Auto Repair,” or “Chrissy’s Hair Designs,” or “what’s for dinner.”  Well, maybe not “what’s for dinner.”

Or maybe I’ll call it “Beware,” yeah I’ll call it “Beware.”   “Beware the Dog.”

People will ask , “Why, does he bite?’

“Nah, that’s just his name.”

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